The Valley Clean Infrastructure Plan (VCIP) is a broad-based plan to repurpose water-challenged acreage in the San Joaquin Valley to solar energy production, storage and transmission, with the Westlands Water District (WWD) serving as the centerpiece along to help California achieve its 100% renewable energy goal by the year 2045. WWD has more contiguous retired, fallowed or Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) challenged lands in the San Joaquin Valley than any other region in the state, estimated at 260,000+ acres.

GSCE and Westlands Water District (WWD) have entered into an agreement for GSCE to strategically master plan and build a potential 20,000 MWs of solar energy and energy storage, and the electric transmission infrastructure needed to route clean energy to homes and businesses. The collaborative Valley Clean Infrastructure Plan (VCIP) provides synergistic benefits for WWD land and water challenges, brings new jobs to California’s San Joaquin Valley, and advances significant transmission infrastructure investment needed – providing positive economic, energy and environmental impact to the region and beyond.

Project Highlights:

  • Potential to generate 20,000+ MWs of solar, energy storage and transmission

  • Prioritizes development on retired WWD owned land and private fallowed, drainage impaired and SGMA challenged farmland

  • Creates value for landowners and opportunity for water allocations to go to most productive farmland

  • Diversifies and increases economic impact on the San Joaquin Valley

Grower / Landowner VCIP Participation

Growers / Landowners in the WWD interested in participating in the Valley Clean Infrastructure Plan (VCIP) should fill out the fields below. You will then be contacted by the GSCE team with a copy of the VCIP Interest Form within 5 business days.