Golden State Clean Energy, LLC (“GSCE” or the “Company”) is helping California to transition to a clean energy future by investing in and developing with its partners some of the premier energy infrastructure projects in the United States that include competitively priced solar generation and energy storage and transmission infrastructure investments to deliver our power to customers in California and the west.

We are a California based company that is backed by California investment firms and investors. GSCE is committed to serving California’s energy markets to meet the state’s renewable energy and greenhouse gas reduction goals. We are committed to provide clean energy solutions cost effectively to customers and with the goal of benefiting the communities in California through economic development, environmental leadership, smart land use planning, and jobs.

Our development ethos is to focus on long term planning and ownership and to provide the state with comprehensive solutions to the energy-water challenges that the “Golden State” will be seeing under a new climate change paradigm that will impact where and how we plan for our energy generation and how it can be most cost effectively integrated into our grid.

GSCE’s current projects enjoy the benefit of universal environmental, labor, community and political support due to the forward-thinking planning and transparent engagement that has gone into our siting and development efforts for nearly a decade.