About Us


Golden State Clean Energy, LLC (an affiliate of Westside Holdings, LLC which has been operating since 2009) has a core team of principals and employees including development professionals, permitting experts, utility and energy operation industry leaders that have been working quietly for nearly a decade out of the limelight focused on long term plans and projects that can help serve California’s energy demands cost effectively.

Golden State Clean Energy’s principals are the team behind the original master developer of the Westlands Solar Park project in central California, and which now currently has over 2,100 MWs of generation projects under development at various phases, as well as storage projects, and associated transmission facilities.

The company was originally founded by California based investors and family offices with strong support from the environmental community looking to change the paradigm of generation projects from a generation only focus on a price at a point of interconnection (where utilities would then build transmission to serve the projects) to holistically planning development (looking at generation costs and transmission expenses as well as other external costs, balancing constraints, and impacts).  This broader approach to project planning, while not always the main path of the industry, has gained strong support from rate payer advocates, utilities, and NGO supporters and has led to broad success within the California renewable energy industry.

Our team has developed proprietary data and methodology for evaluating the economics of such a development approach and is now able to review such information with regulators and its confidential utility partners & energy customers under confidentiality protections. In principal we believe master planning infrastructure to manage the all in costs to deliver renewable power to rate payers over the long term provides a more common sense and cost effective approach for utilities and rate payers over time, as traditionally negotiated PPA rates often do not often account for all real project costs to the end customers.